Easily Create a Website to Sell Jewelry with Shopify Jewelry Websites Templates

You don’t need any design or technical experience to create your own jewelry online store! Pick one of these Shopify jewelry websites templates, create a website, and start selling online!

Shopify is a great ecommerce solution to use to sell your jewelry items online. It is an easy-to-use ecommerce website builder, and unlike other ecommerce solutions, its payment gateways and simple administration dashboard make it a smart choice for artists and creative designers to use when building an online store for their unique handmade items.

In the jewelry business industry, an impressive and visually stunning presentation is important in order to attract buyers. When creating your own jewelry online store, you don’t need any design or technical experience. All you have to do is pick one of these Shopify jewelry websites templates, create a website and start selling.

We have gathered a few Shopify templates that you can use to give your jewelry store the elegance and glamour it deserves:

  • Atlantic: This is a very stylish theme suitable for building an elegant jewelry store. The template comes with 4 different styles, and whether you are going for the chic, modern, light style or organic, this Shopify theme is definitely going to boost conversions and turn your visitors into buyers. The template features a modular-style homepage and a menu that is great for large catalogs.
  • Classic Jewelry: This is a fully responsive Shopify template. It features several layouts and a mega menu, perfect for high-end jewelers to showcase their unique and shiny works of art.
  • Polite: This is a multipurpose template that is not only perfect for selling jewelry online but for other types of accessories as well. The elegant and yet modern aesthetics makes this template suitable for both medium and large jewelry businesses.
  • Pull: This Shopify template is made with female buyers in mind. Even with its bright and feminine color design, this template can be used for men’s accessories and jewelry. The template has an unconventional page layout and beautiful typography.
  • Editions: A spacious, simple, and clean Shopify template that only allows for you to add a few photos in the slideshow. If you want your visitors to focus more on your products, this is the perfect template for you. It has a mobile-friendly design and it is perfect for all kinds of jewelry products.
  • Ewelry: This template comes with an image-heavy design that allows you to display your items like how they should be worn. You will notice that the template has a creative layout which is highly customizable. This template is perfect for small and startup businesses.
  • Lap: Just another Shopify jewelry template made for female shoppers. With a simple typography, elegant layout, and clean design, this template exudes luxury and timelessness. This type of aesthetic creates a template perfect for high-fashion and avant-garde fashion items.

These are all gorgeous Shopify jewelry websites templates that are worth considering. We would like to present you a few examples of online businesses in the jewelry business industry who have chosen these templates, customized for their online store, added their unique items, and start selling to customers worldwide. Some of the best Shopify jewelry stores to inspire you are Allan Scharff, Smiley Riley, Delilah Petal, Shiva Designs Bespoke, Hoochie Mama, Ciao Bella, Modern Mummas, A Little Something Different, Sunstones Beads & Gems, Thee Square Feet, and etc.

Check out these stores and you may find your inspiration to create an even more beautiful online store for your unique jewelry.

Choose a template, add your items, and get ready to welcome your first buyers soon!

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