It is not easy being a jewelry reseller online. It is always upon you to make sure that you are advertising the real thing. Since your business is at stake here, you are always required to be watchful because you will have to deal with different clients. When doing so, you have to make sure that you do the following.

Thoroughly inspect every jewel you get

Since you are the final contact with the buyer, it is upon you to make sure that you are selling original jewelry. This means that you have to inspect every part of jewelry before you put it on your shelves. This way, you will be avoiding the risk of damaging the reputation of your business.

Make sure you’re not selling a stolen jewel

This is one problem that has led to so many jewelry stores being shut down. Note that whenever someone sells you expensive jewelry, you first of all need to do an investigation to find out where it came from. Most of this jewelry has codes that you could always use to trail where they originated from. The moment you sell stolen jewelry that leads to your customer being in trouble, then your online shop is going to be shut down.

You don’t have to resell everything brought to you

As much as your site is all about selling jewelry, note that you don’t have to sell everything. Note that no one is willing to buy jewelry that is outdated or too old. Always make sure that you have the best trending jewels at all times. Old and outdated jewelry will only sell for cheap hence you can decide to put them up on offer.

Don’t argue with a customer who returns a jewel

When you are a jewelry reseller, the only problem you have is that you never know where what you are selling has been. Maybe it has been worn by many people before getting to your store. This means that you don’t have full confidence in it hence be prepared for anything. When a customer demands a return, the best you can do is give it to them after knowing why they want to make a return.


Jewelry reselling is a business that has both good and bad sides. You can, however, make sure that you stick to the right side by keeping your eyes wide open. You don’t have to buy jewels from suspicious looking people or people that your instincts don’t trust.