As much as online jewelry seller relies entirely on social media to push their marketing, there are other ways. As much as social media will put your business out there, you can use other ways to make sure that you get your first few buyers. Note that some of these tactics are free methods but require you to go an extra mile. So of the things you could do are;

Speak about your online business in events

You could request a few minutes to address the audience in an event. You should, however, make sure that the event has an audience that can relate to your business. The advantage of this is that you can get your first few buyers on the spot. Another good reason for addressing people directly is that you are in a better position to answer some of their queries.

Wear your jewelry every time you are out there

This type of marketing can work magic for you. Always make sure that you wear the best of your jewelry whenever you are going to public places. However, you should avoid selling what you are already wearing and instead refer people to where you sell. You can pretend that you bought it there and put in a few good words for your site.

Design business cards with pictures of your jewelry

This is also a straightforward way of marketing your website but also requires you to be outdoors more for it to be effective. With such business cards, you can easily lead buyers to your site. It is all about strategy because instead of explaining so much about where you got your unique jewel, you can simply hand out your business card and let it speak on your behalf.

Article marketing

This is where you come up with creative articles for local newspapers and fashion magazines. Article marketing goes a long way because they will always retain whether in paper or on blogs. With a good piece, you can have people rushing over to your website to have a closer look at what you have.


There are many ways you could use to market your jewelry business and have good results. All you need to do is make sure that you put yourself in the perfect position so that people interested in buying can find you easily.