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Sell Furniture Online with these Tips

Many people have a hoarding problem. You may unknowingly be one of them. You may walk into a room and wonder where all that clutter came from? How did you get to a point where you cannot even rotate within? We often find ourselves with lots of unwanted chairs, beds, tables, cabinets, cupboards and wall units filling our rooms.  So how do you declutter to create that much-needed space?

And how do you declutter while making some money? How about selling unwanted furniture online?  Use our tips below to achieve maximum sales with the click of a button. Read more

1. Check Out Other Existing Sellers

These are your competitors. You will need to know what they are selling, How much they are selling their items at, and if their furniture is the same as yours so that you can determine the best way forward in selling your own. People are attracted to bargains; therefore, your pricing has to be competitive. Offer deals like discounts depending on what the market is offering.

The lower the prices in comparison to others, the more you will generate interest. The result is a higher chance of clearing your items faster.  Price your movables reasonably. You get to outsell your competitors. Be careful not to be too expensive or go too low. At the end of the sale, you need to get something back in your pocket in as much as it will not be the same value as you bought it.

2. Honesty is the Best Policy

You will need to be sincere with your buyers.  Give as much information as possible on the condition of your movables whether it is a tear on the couch, a dent on the tabletop or a crack on that mirror.  

In some situations, buyers find themselves in a position whereby they have to trust the sellers blindly. Do not disappoint them by lying or overhyping your items. Be very clear on the condition of what is on sale.

3. Value Vs Pricing

Furniture loses value with time; it depreciates. Do not be greedy when setting prices. You will need to consider things like when you bought it, the wear and tear when selling it, and the type of item it is in terms of the brand. Do not be greedy and expect to make a kill out of used items. Be reasonable as you cannot get 100% of the value back.

4. Be Responsive and Detailed

Who wants to keep asking questions that they could get answers for at a glance?  Clear pictures, reasonable prices, location of the items, delivery details and any other costs involved should all be a part of the description.  Pick that phone when called, respond to those messages when texted and engage the buyers in those chats.

Buyers always ask thousands of questions before spending their hard-earned cash. Give them an audience, don’t get tired of answering questions; the items have to go!

5. Flexibility

Bargaining is part of the buying process. It gives you a chance as the seller to communicate and interact with your customers. Building this rapport is crucial in forming a client base for future businesses. Give your buyers a chance to determine their own prices then come to an agreeable amount.

 Do not get tired or irritated by hagglers. Once you form this bond with the customers, they will not hesitate to come back for more or to buy more than they actually intended to from you. Sometimes a customer may want to return an item as it might not suit a space they intended to put it. Give them a chance to return or exchange them for something else.

6. Use Reputable Online Selling Platforms

Ecommerce has taken over when it comes to buying and selling of products. Millions of people are now shopping virtually from online stores, therefore, increasing your chances of getting a good deal for your items. 

Reliable and secure Platforms such as Shopify are doing well in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. Such ecommerce platforms have helped sellers to market and sell their products at a fee. More people are slowly but surely adapting to selling their products through the internet.

7. Be Your Greatest Hype man

Let the people around you know about what you are offering. Shout from the rooftops to get people’s attention diverted towards your items. Do not get tired of talking about your sale.

Create all the buzz that you can around your items. Excellent service to your buyers makes people talk; it will create a  snowball effect. In the long run, you will have more people interested in what you have to offer.

8. Beware, Buyers Are Also Scammers!

Many of us have fallen prey to online scams. You need to be aware of the many people out there who are looking to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting victims. These are people who will pose as serious buyers then manipulate you once they gain your trust then disappear into thin air.


You might end up losing all your goods. You need to be very sober when transacting. Use reliable payment options, such as cash payment for transactions. Use safe alternatives such as cash on delivery. Know your buyer and lay down terms and conditions that protect you as the seller.  Stay alert; fraud is everywhere.

Final Thoughts

With the fast changes that the world is going through technology-wise, it is prudent to adapt to the move to ecommerce where you can trade online. The platforms are numerous and user-friendly for both buyers and sellers. Most are also quite affordable.

Shopify is one such server that gives you the ability to manage your own business. Here you can market your products to a large mass of people and sell them at great prices without moving an inch from the comfort of your own space.

Spot that unwanted furniture? Want to make some cash without sweating? Log in and start hyping. Happy selling!