When you are getting into selling jewelry online for the first time, you need to be keen so that you avoid looking like a fraud out there. There are some simple mistakes that people do when pushing for their brand that generally lead to the failure of their online jewelry business. Before anything else, you need to ensure that you’re initiating good communication with the public. Some of the things to avoid include;

Avoid spamming

This is when you keep posting on social media every chance you get. When do this it is like you are forcing people to visit your site and not giving them a chance to speak. To make it worse, you will make people unfriend you or worse, unfollow your page. To engage people the right way, have a schedule and organize the content you wish to post.

Avoid focusing on just one social media platform

One common mistake that newbies do is that they fail to maintain consistency across their social media platforms. You may find that a page is well set up on Facebook and very active but inactive on Instagram. Some buyers take their time to stalk your page before making their move. You should also note that not everybody is on all social media platforms hence you may risk missing customers. Keep your entire social media pages active, and you will never regret it.

Don’t market online if you don’t know how to do it

Digital marketing requires technical skills and knowledge. If you want to prove this then take your time to learn about some of the biggest online jewel stores. You will realize that they all have an expert who is in charge of digital marketing. The reason why you will need an expert for this is that they know how to make buyers find you and shop. If you have to do it yourself, then make sure that you know what needs to be done.

Don’t sell low-quality jewelry

When you sell one piece of jewelry it markets your brand out there. The moment you sell your first piece, and it is not up to expected standards the customer is going to ruin you. With a high-quality product, on the other hand, the customer will market on your behalf.


For your new jewelry business to stand a chance online, you have to ensure that you avoid simple mistakes that will give you a bad impression.